Ducky bhai net worth | Net worth in Pakistani rupees

 Ducky bhai ( Saad Ur Rehman )

In this article, we cover the ducky bhai net worthAnd also some important earnings from YouTube in rupees in recent years. So without wasting time, start the page article.

    Ducky bhai net worth

    What is mean by Net worth?

    "In simple words, net worth means the total profit after subtracting the loss and the expenditures."

    The knowledge of net worth is very important for the stability or knowing the economic condition of your business. The estimation of net worth is also helpful in the future to increase your profit.

    Types of Net Worth

    As we know, there are two types of net worth: positive net worth and negative net worth.

    One is said to have a positive net worth when the profit of the individual or company is greater than their loss or expenditures, which are collectively known as liabilities, and a negative net worth is said to be when the loss or liability is greater than their assets or profit.

    Ducky Bhai Channel

    Before calculating the net worth of the ducky bhai, we first analyze the channel. The content of the Ducky Bhai channel is given in the table below.

    Content Explanation
    Country Pakistan
    Channel Creation Feb, 2017
    Subscribers 6.67M
    Total Views 1,326,894,823
    Videos Uploaded 553
    Country Rank 27t
    Overall Ranking 266th

    Ducky bhai net worth

    We can calculate the ducky bhai net worth from YouTube through the various earning measuring tools, and furthermore, we can describe the net worth in the given table.

    The Estimation of ducky bhai net worth is calculated by the YouTube analytics which is ,Social Blade

    Time Period Net Worth In rupees
    Daily Averages $378 - $6.1K 105,431 - 1,70,1408
    Weekly Averages $2.6K - $42.4K 72,5190 - 1,17,14619
    Monthly Averages $11.3K - $181.6K 3,06,8114 - 5,048,4429
    Yearly Averages $136.2K - $2.2M 3,79,33052 - 613,622,90

    Earnings in Last 10 Days

    Now discuss the earnings of the ducky bhai from YouTube in the last 10 days, which were collected from data across the web or using some tool analytics.

    Date Earnings
    2024-03-09 $0 - $0
    2024-03-08 $746 - $11.9K
    2024-03-07 $329 - $5.3K
    2024-03-06 $0 - $0
    2024-03-05 $489 - $7.8K
    2024-03-04 $683 - $10.9K
    2024-03-03 $0 - $0
    2024-03-02 $521 - $8.3K
    2024-03-01 $654 - $10.5K
    2024-02-29 $198 - $3.2K

    Other Sources of income of Ducky Bhai

    Other sources of income for Ducky include the promotion of various brands on various social media sites and acting like an influencer. The major social media platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms. The earnings from these platforms cannot be calculated, and there are many contradictions according to the surveys provided about the earnings of the social media pages of the Ducky Bhai.


    Ducky Bhai, a popular YouTuber from Pakistan, has been generating significant earnings from his channel, Ducky Bhai. Ducky bhai net worth is estimated using YouTube analytics, Social Blade. In the last 10 days, Ducky Bhai's earnings ranged from 0 to $11.9K. Other sources of income include brand promotion on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. However, there are many contradictions in the earnings from these platforms.


    1) Ducky bhai net worth 2024?
    The average earning from YouTube in the 2024 year of Ducky Bhai is an average of $33k–$400k.

    2) Ducky bhai net worth from YouTube?

    The monthly earnings of Ducky Bhai from YouTube in February are $11.3k–$200k.

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