SEO of blogger | 10 Basics steps in SEO of a blogger

 SEO of blogger 

In this article we can tell you that how SEO of blogger can done with few basic steps. And also some search across the web the major best websites and tools SEO of blogger. Firstly before starting the article we can tell you that the data in this article is collected from the research of the web and from our little experience. Without wasting time let start......

    SEO of blogger

    What is SEO?

    SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO is simply defined as procedure for improving a website's search engine ranking through organic search results.

    SEO of blogger means that improving the organic traffic by using various approaches. Simply SEO of blogger is the ranking of that particular blog into the goggle and to gain traffic.

    SEO of the blogger tend to makes huge organic traffic which is non paid rather than paid traffic through various sources. Want to learn more about SEO. Click here.

    Why we use SEO?

    Another question arises that why we use SEO in our blogger post. The answer to this question lies in the benefits of the using SEO. Some of them are given below:

    • To gain the organic traffic.
    • To gain the credibility of the post.
    • For the better audience experience
    • For increase the conservation.
    • Very effective for the engagement

    There are many other benefits and advantages of the using SEO of a blogger. Want to learn more about SEO. Click here.

    SEO of blogger:

    The process of starting and maintaining a blog in order to raise its search engine rankings is known as blog SEO. Typically, this strategy consists of content creation, image optimization, link development, and keyword research.

    By optimizing your web pages, including your blog entries, you increase the visibility of your website for users searching for your good or service on search engines like Google, Bing , Chrome etc.

    Basics steps in SEO of a blogger

    Following are the basics steps in SEO of a blogger. If you follow these given steps in your article or blog you can easily gets the benefits of SEO. So firstly we make a list of the steps and then individually defined them:
    1. Select high value content.
    2. Search a high traffic keyword in the content.
    3. Use a keyword in the article.
    4. Your content is 100% unique.
    5. Use copyright free images in blog.
    6. Use internal links in blog.
    7. Add description and permalink before publishing.
    8. Use of labels.
    9. Number of words in each blog.
    10. Use of heading and subheading.
    Simply by following these steps during the writing of the article. You can say that SEO of the blogger is simply these steps. Now we individually defined each step. 

    1) Select high value content:

    SEO of blogger

    Information that your target audience finds fascinating, helpful, or both qualifies as high-value content. It should provide them with fresh viewpoints or ideas and be pertinent to their needs and goals. It must also be error-free and well-written. It should, above all, offer value that beyond what your clients could have elsewhere for nothing.

    How to create the high value content for blogger?

    Knowing your target audience and what information they are interested in is the first step in producing high-value content. Once you are aware of this, you can start producing or selecting material to suit their requirements.

    You can curate material from other sources by sharing articles, blog posts, or infographics that you believe would be beneficial to your audience if you lack the time or resources to develop original content. Just keep in mind to give credit where credit is due!

    The quality and quantity of the content also play a critical role in the high value content. Want to know more about the high value content then. Click here.

    2) Search a high traffic keyword in the content

    SEO of blogger
    High traffic content means to find the low competitive keyword with more organic traffic. Low-competition keywords contain few competing pages or advertising, but high-volume keywords have a large number of monthly searches. By using these keywords, you can improve your website's traffic, conversion rate, and search engine ranking.

    How to find low competitive keyword?

    Low competition keywords are frequently long-tail, meaning they are usually longer than 2 or 3 words, usually 3-5 words long, or question-types. These keywords have a more specified scope and draw in more qualified traffic, even though they frequently have less searches than high-traffic ones.

    The simplest keywords to rank for are these ones. Focusing on these terms will help you rank higher in search results. If you Want to know more about keyword research. Click here.

    3) Use a keyword in the article

    Keywords are particular terms or expressions that members of your target audience use when conducting online searches. You want to be the first link in the search results when people type in that word or phrase. Your website or blog's search engine ranking is determined by how well you use keywords.

    Purpose of keyword in blog post?

    They provide readers with a brief overview of what to expect from an academic publication. For researchers looking to perform a topic-specific survey or look up articles in a certain field, keywords also offer useful information.

    4) Your content is 100% unique

    SEO of blogger

    What is actually content?

    The topic or concepts covered in something that is produced, expressed, written, or otherwise represented: academic or instructional content.

    How to make 100% unique content?

    You can make the 100% unique content by following the given steps:
    • Produce original imagery.
    • Establish a distinctive writing style.
    • Use a duplicate content checker.
    • Avoid using content from other websites.
     Focusing on these terms will help you rank higher in search results. Want to learn more about the Content writing. Click here.

    5) Use copyright free images in blog

    You can use copyright free image in your blog post because it also play a key role in the SEO of blogger. You can use copyright free image from the following resources.

    ~Firstly, You have to capture your image and use in the content.

    ~Secondly, If not you have to use sites to make the copy right free image like canva.

    ~Thirdly, you can get free copy right image from google sites like pexels.

    SEO of blogger

    Why we not use the google image in blog post?

    No, you shouldn't utilize Google photos for your blog without the necessary authorization or a license. The majority of photos that show up in Google search results are owned by the person or organization who developed them because they are protected by copyright.

    Want to learn more about the copyright free image. Click here.

    6) Use internal links in blog

    Hyperlinks pointing to pages within the same domain are called internal links. Unlike external links, which lead to pages on other domains, these are not the same.

    Internal links are more important than external links. But external links are also important in the SEO of blogger and it act as refer domains.

    SEO of blogger

    An effective SEO strategy must include internal links. Internal links are tiny but mighty, straightforward but sophisticated, helping people find their way around your digital material and providing search engine crawlers with details about how your website functions.

    These are a few advantages of using internal links. Some are:

    1. Assists Google in Indexing Your Website.
    2. It Offers Your Users Value.
    3. From Pages with a Lot of Content.
    4. Boosts the Potential for Deep Content Pages to Get Backlinks.

     Focusing on these terms will help you rank higher in search results. Want to learn more about the internal linking. Click here.

    7) Add description and permalink before publishing

    Description and permalink is also helpful in the SEO of blogger. And meta description can be added up to the 150 words and normally contain the keyword that you want to rank.


    You can use Blogger's post editor to add a meta description to a post or static page. To edit a post, click Posts and choose a post. After entering the post's meta description, click ok and your description is added.

    SEO of blogger

    What is permalink?

    Because search engines and users utilize these URLs to index and visit your website, trackbacks are an essential component of your website. The permalink style you choose affects how these two parties view and assess your website. A short, straightforward URL that is optimized for search engines is much more shareable and appealing than one that contains a ton of unintelligible garbage at the end. 

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    Always choose SEO-friendly URLs for your posts that are simple for users to remember and for search engines to understand as your defaults.

    Focusing on these terms will help you rank higher in search results. Want to learn more about the permalink. Click here.

    8) Use of labels

    A keyword or term used to arrange and classify content in a blog is called a label. It makes it easier for readers to locate relevant material on a certain subject.
    Why to use labels? 

    You can organize your blog entries by subject by using tags and labels. After you tag your posts, you can edit your templates to link to a feed that contains all of the entries tagged with that tag.

    9) Number of words in each blog

    Blog posts should, of course, only be as long as necessary. Some postings just require 300 words to convey their point. Furthermore, a lot of people contend that nobody reads anything on the internet that requires more than a few minutes to read. However, the majority of readers desire more information when conducting internet research than what a 300-word essay can provide.

    But typically a normal blog post include the 1000 words and this is also important in the SEO of the blogger.

    SEO of blogge


    Research indicates that longer material ranks higher, with the majority of lengthier content appearing on page one of search results. In a study, plotted the top 10 search query results according to the length of the content.

    Focusing on these terms will help you rank higher in search results. Want to learn more about the permalink. Click here.

    10) Use of headings and subheadings

    This is one of the most important step in the SEO of the blogger. And use of these can easily helpful in the google adsense approval.

    Because they draw attention to the key points of the subject, make the piece easier to scan, and guide readers through the text, headlines and subheadings are crucial components of blog content.

    A 1000-word blog post should typically have 5-7 subheadings at the very least. It is a good idea to use keywords in headers and subheadings.

    SEO of blogger

    Why we use headings and subheadings?

    While subheadings direct readers to continue reading or skimming the content, headlines are meant to shock, amuse, or pique readers' curiosity. Simply it can describe the underlying paragraph.

    Focusing on these terms will help you rank higher in search results and helpful in SEO of blogger. Want to learn more about the permalink. Click here.


    The conclusion of this article is that basic SEO of blogger is done by following the steps or procedure described below. We can give our best to give you the most best experience of the SEO of blogger and also by giving you the 10 Basics steps in SEO of a blogger. If you have any problem then tell us in comments. Thanks for reading.

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