Buy PUBG bag Pakistan | 6+ Best Online Shops 2024

On this page, we discuss the online shops to buy PUBG bag Pakistan. And also give you a list of the best shops that differentiated on the basis of quality and price, and further discuss the procedure to buy online PUBG backpacks.


Pubg is a famous video game not only in Asian countries but also all over the world and has gained huge attention in the gaming industry in recent years. Like other games, PUBG is also banned in some countries, like India, due to certain security issues. And due to its popularity, the pubg bag Pakistan is also rising these days for school or college purposes. Its love for that game is converting its popularity into real life in the form of its bags and charaters.

                         PUBG bag Pakistan

What is PUBG ?

The multiplayer internet game is called Pubg. It's one of the most played games in a few years. In actuality, guns, firing, or war games fall under the pubg game category.

There are one hundred participants in this game, if the map is erangle, and as they all engage in battle, the Play Zone causes the field's size to gradually decrease. In the game, there is only one winner who receives the chicken dinner. As far as I know, its features and some of the greatest graphics account for its greatest attraction.


What is PUBG bag Pakistan / BackPack ?

As the name suggests, the pubg bag is the bag that carries the materials collected from the game map during the battle. There are basically three types of backpacks: level 1, level 2, and level 3. Level 3 has the highest capacity to carry things; it is the backpack in pubg.

PUBG bag Pakistan

But in real life, the pubg bag Pakistan means the bag having the features or the impression of pubg mobile on the backpack, which carries the daily routine things, or maybe the school bag for the college bag.

Best Online Shops

Here we discuss the best top online shops, websites, or stores that offer pubg-related packs in Pakistan, so without wasting time, start the page article before starting with the disclaimer that the information in this list can be collected from across the web, so if any fraud or other scam occurs, we can't be responsible.

1) Traverse PK

Traverse PK is the best option to buy a pubg bag in Pakistan with The authenticity of that shop is also of the highest quality. Here we discuss some features related to price, the contact shop, or other characteristics of the back in the form of the table given below.

Features Explanation
Shop Name Traverse PK
Price of bag ₨ 2,950.00
Material of bag Polyester PVC & Parachute lining
Contact +92 315 113 1187

Or Buy online by visiting their website.

2) TopGears PK

Like traverse PK, top gears PK is also the best option to buy the pubg backpack in Pakistan with its great quality. It has the following details collected from the web in the form of the table given below:

Features Explanation
Shop Name TopGears PK
Price of bag ₨ 1,599
Material of bag Durable pack cloth
Category of bag Treasure Chest
Contact admin@topgears.pk

3) Telemart PK

The next shop that we discuss here is that of Telemart, which has a PUBG-printed backpack with high ratings and perfect quality with a good delivery time. Further discussion about this market is given in the form of the table below.

Features Explanation
Shop Name Telemart PK
Price of bag Rs. 1,499
Material of bag Pubg Printed Backpack
Delivery time 2 to 4 days
Contact Instagram Profile

To buy or want to know more details. Check Official website of telemart.pk.

4) Toobas PK

Toobas PK also has the best option to buy a pubg bag Pakistan because of the quality of the bags and other characteristics discussed in the table given below.

Features Explanation
Shop Name Toobas PK
Price of bag Rs.1,799.00
Material of bag PUBG Backpack
Gift Wrap Rs 200 Charges
Contact 0331-2028272

To buy or want to know more details. Check Official website of tobaas.pk.

5) Bobostore

With the free shipping of Rs 4000+ orders, you can buy the school bags in the best quality and normal value of money, so further discussion is given below.

Features Explanation
Shop Name Bobostore
Price of bag PKR 2,650.00
Material of bag water resistance Material
Printing digital print PUBG
Contact +92-317-777-2132

To buy or want to know more details. Check the official website of bobostore.

6) Saleemi book depot

Saleemi Book Depot is present in Bawalpur, the Prince of Punjab, Pakistan, where you can get the book stationery as well as the bags, so this is also a good option to buy a pub bag in Pakistan. Further discussion is given below.

Features Explanation
Shop Name Saleemi book depot
Price of bag Rs.1,700.00
Material of bag Fine Quality material
Printing Military Style Backpack
Contact +92 315 5553113

To buy or want to know more details. Check the official website of Saleemi book depot.

PUBG bag Pakistan

Other Shops

Other websites present across the web and from our research that help to buy pubg bags in Pakistan are given in the form of bullets below.

  • shop.hamariweb
  • ubuy.com.pk
  • carrefour.pk
  • naheed.pk
  • naheed.pk


Pubg bag Pakistan is a popular due to the popularity of PUBG game.. These bags are made from high-quality materials and are suitable for school or college purposes. There are three types of pubg bags: level 1, level 2, and level 3. Traverse PK is the best option for buying a pubg bag in Pakistan, offering authentic products at affordable prices. TopGears PK is another top choice, offering durable pack cloth and a treasure chest. Telemart PK offers high-quality PUBG-printed backpacks with good delivery times. Toobas PK offers high-quality bags at a reasonable price. Bobostore offers free shipping on orders over Rs 4000, and Saleemi Book Depot offers military-style backpacks. Other websites to consider for buying pubg bags in Pakistan include shop.hamariweb, ubuy.com.pk, carrefour.pk, and naheed.pk.


1) Where to buy bags in Pakistan ?

You can buy the pubg bag in Pakistan online from the shops that we discuss. We can briefly give you the name of those shops in the form of bullets below.

  • Traverse PK
  • TopGears PK
  • Telemart PK
  • Saleemi Book Depot
  • Toobas PK
  • shop.hamariweb
  • ubuy.com.pk
  • carrefour.pk
  • naheed.pk

2) What is average price of PUBG Bag Pakistan ?

According to the top sites that sell this bag online, the average price is between Rs. 1500 and Rs. 2500 for good quality.

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