Complete Life Story of Sanam Javed PTI | Biography and Sanam Javed election symbol

 Biography of Sanam Javed PTI

In this article, we cover the all-life aspect of the social activist of PTI, Sanam Javed PTI. And also Sanam Javed election symbol as well as important speeches or interviews by Sanam Javed PTI. So without any wasting time, start the page article.


Sanam Javed Khan is the social media activist of the Pakistan biggest political party of 2024, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf.

As we know from the past 2 years, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf is surviving under strict circumstances, and the leadership as well as the many workers are in jail. The Sanam Javed, PTI social media activist emerges as a sign of bravery, does not lay down in these strict circumstances, and remains in solidarity with the political party. This is also the main reason for the popularity of Sanam Javed Khan.

Sanam Javed PTI

Complete Biography

The complete biography of Sanam Javed PTI can be listed in the table, which is described below. It is clear that the data available in this biography table can be collected from sources or from data across the web.

Content Explanation
Name Sanam Javed Khan
Age 32 Years
Residence Lahore, Pakistan
Education Graduated
Husband Attique Khan
Nationality Pakistani
Religion Islam
Weight and Height 54 Kg and 5 feet 4 inch
Sister Name Falak Javed Khan
Profession Social Media Activist

Sanam Javed election symbol

As we know from the general election in 2024, Sanam Javed PTI did not take part in the election due to certain reasons. The main reason is not acceptance of the nomination papers. So, the Sanam Javed election symbol is not in the general election in 2024, but overall, if we say that Sanam Javed PTI belongs to the Pakistan Tehreek Insaf Party, the permanent election symbol of Sanam Javed is the bat.

Life Story Of Sanam Javed

As we all know, Sanam Javed faced a lot of problems in her last two to three years, and one of the main reasons was to support Imran Khan. That is why she was nominated for many cases in which there was no fault, but she remained stubborn and supported Imran Khan's ideology, which made him more popular.

Moreover, with his two children, one male and one female, and also the husband of the Sanam Javed PTI, he is very supportive and takes a stand with her wife, firm standing with the ideology of her wife.

Sanam Javed PTI in Jail

According to reports, Sanam Javed was arrested for setting fire to certain areas in Pakistan, and for the past year, she has been in jail.

During this time period, the bail of Sanam Javed was approved by ATC judge Arshad Javed, but Sanam Javed was re-arrested in another case.

Sanam Javed on Urdu Point

"This interview was hosted by the famous YouTube channel Urdu Point, and the anchor in this video is Zain Babu. In this interview, both the sister Sanam Javed and the Falak Javed explain their views on politics and also talk about the policies and work done by PMLN. This is a short video, about 6 minutes."

PTI Supporter Viral Sisters Sanam Javed and Falak-Urdu Point

Sanam Javed and Maryam Nawaz

The major rivalry between the Rivals is between Maryam Nawaz and Sanam Javed Khan, both of whom are traditional rivals of each other. Maryam Nawaz is from the PMLN, which is the Pakistan Muslim League political party, and Sanam Javed is from the PTI Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party.

In the 2024 general election, Sanam Javed decided to contest with Maryam Nawaz in the NA119 Lahore area, but due to the rejection of her nomination papers several times, she withdrew from the NA119 election against Maryam Nawaz.

Sanam Javed PTI

Sanam Javed Funny Interview

"The summary of this interview includes the funny moments of the Sanam Javed PTI. This interview was released at the start of 2023. The funny moments captured included the roasting of the opposite political party, especially Maryam Nawaz Sharif.

Pti Viral Larki Ape Se Bahir-Funny


Sanam Javed PTI, a social media activist for Pakistan's largest political party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, has faced numerous challenges in the past two years. Despite facing numerous challenges, she remains steadfast in her support for Imran Khan, making him more popular. She has two children and is supported by her husband, Attique Khan. Sanam Javed faces rivalry with Maryam Nawaz, a member of the PMLN. She has been arrested for setting fire to areas and has been interviewed on YouTube.


1) Sanam Javed PTI husband?

Sanam Javed's husband's name is Attique Khan

2) Sanam Javed khan age?

Sanam Javed was born in 1993 and is 32 years old.

3) Sanam Javed election symbol?

As we know, the symbol of the PTI has been dismissed by the court, and Sanam Javed is also the social media star of the PTI, so Sanam Javed has no election symbol in the general election of 2024.

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