How to Daily watch video and earn money | Website and App in Pakistan

 Daily watch video and Earn money methods

On this page, we can cover the subject of list of methods on how to daily watch video and earn money and furthermore examine Website and App in Pakistan earn money by watching a video. We can basically gives you a few methods. So, start the page article.

    Daily watch video and earn money


    The introduction to earning money by watching ads is simply to give you a list of website and app to watch videos on and earn money from. As we know, the growth of those apps on mobile applications and the growth of the internet in certain areas or countries, like developing countries, can give this income online a big scope.

    The websites or those listed below can allow users to watch the videos, which are promotional videos for the campaign of some company. As a result, you have been given a reward in the form of a virtual currency card or gift card, and these can be converted into your actual currency.

    How to Daily watch video and earn money?

    You can earn money by watching a video on a daily basis through certain websites or apps that are totally legal and real all over the world, so without wasting time, let's discuss these terms.

    Website To Watch Videos

    The website we discuss here is the Vie Faucet. This website is the one that we use to watch videos and earn money. It has more than 5.2 million users, and the happy uses include more than 9 lakhs, which is a huge number.

    If we check the spam score on the ScamAdvisor website, it passes the trusted by 100%.

    Daily watch video and earn money

    Steps to Earn money

    Steps to earn money by watching videos through these websites are given below.

    ^ The first step is to register yourself by giving your personal information and by filling out the captcha.

    ^ Then click on the activate your account button and activate the account.

    ^ Then the dashboards open and various methods to earn can be listed, and one of the major or common methods that can be used to earn money by watching videos on a daily basis is the PTC, which means paid to click website.

    ^ You have to accumulate the tokens by watching the videos.

    ^ You can get the extra tokens through daily bonus tokens, challenges, and other varieties.

    ^ You can also boost your tokens by making referrals to friends, and by joining them, you can earn 10% of the referral commission.

    ^ The tokens you have are converted automatically into BTC currency, and then you have to convert BTC into PKR from Google.


    The withdrawal is very easy on this website, and it is mainly through Binance. The minimum withdrawal is 500 tokens.

    Visit the website. Click here

    Learn Practically about this website.

    App To Watch Videos

    The app that will be discussed here is Tick: Watch to Earn. As we know, these websites and apps that pay money to watch videos cannot keep a huge amount of money, but they can boost your initial online earnings.

    This is also a real app, and it can also be tested by the scam advisor. According to reports, the average earning on this website is 500 to 1000 PKR for a normal person.

    Daily watch video and earn money

    Steps to Earn money

    ^ Firstly, you have to download Tick:watch to earn an application by searching on the Play Store or App Store.

    ^ It is actually like the TikTok and Snack Video applications, where the videos have to scroll and earn money.

    ^ When you start watching the video and you can check the balance, your balance is more than 40 PKR due to the fact that this app gives a bonus of 38 to 40 PKR for downloading it.

    ^ While watching the video, on the top right corner, there are the boxes that you have to open to collect the coins.

    ^ Like the website, in this app, you can also refer a friend with your invite code and earn up to 10,000 coins, which are converted into PKR.


    The withdrawal method of this app is Easypaisa or JazzCash. The transfer of money takes between 1 and 7 working days.


    This article provides a list of methods to earn money by watching videos on website and app in Pakistan. Vie Faucet is a popular website with over 5.2 million users and over 9 lakh happy users. To earn money, users register, activate their accounts, and accumulate tokens through daily bonus tokens, challenges, and referrals. The tokens are converted into BTC currency and converted into PKR from Google. Tick: Watch to Earn is another app that offers an average earning of 500 to 1000 PKR for a normal person. Users can download the app, earn coins, and refer friends with their invite codes. Withdrawals take 1-7 working days.

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