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           pubg download for pc

In this article i can tell you that how to download pubg mobile on pc whatever the window is. I can tell you some tips and tricks for the easy steps for PUBG pc free download. Firstly, i want to tell you that the data or information is discussed below is the collection of researches from our own experience and collection from across the web.

What is PUBG ?

Pubg is the online multiplayer game. It is one of the most popular game form some recent years. Actually pubg game category includes the games of the shooting or firing or the game of war.

In this game there is 100 players in the field and all of them to fight with each other and slowly the area of field is shrinking with time due to the playzone. There is only one winner who get the chicken dinner in the game. The most popularity in my knowledge is due to its features and some of the best graphics.

This game is developed by the Pubg corporation and this also arranging the tournaments of the games not even at national but also at the international level. The key features that make it popular is given below:
  • unique maps
  • best graphics
  • ultimate fighting
  • bots
  • loot system
  • training groud

pubg pc download

PUBG pc download

Actually pubg is the online game and it is the mobile game. But if you want to pubg pc download you come on the right place and the right time. First we dicusss the requirements of the pubg for pc to play on our pc due to play and for its smooth working.

Requirements of pubg:

OS: Windows 10,8 or 7.

Memory: at least 3GB RAM.

CPU: Dual cores of Intel or AMD at 1.8 GHzor higher.

GPU: NVIDIA Ge Force 8600/9600GT,.

DirectX: Version 9.0c.

Storage: 2GB of free storage.

Network: Strong internet connection

Steps for pubg pc download

  1. Open your pc having the following requirements which is discussed in the upper section.
  2. Then open the google chrome
  3. Search for any emulator like bluestack, gameloop 
  4. Download the setup of emulator
  5. Search Pubg on the emulator
  6. Download pubg. It will take some time according to the internet speed or the connection
  7. After installing game. Open the game and enjoy it.
Take aware that you must play few bot matches after downloading the pubg on pc. You can play with other players in these bot matchups if you win a chicken dinner. So in this way you can dowload pubg on pc.

pubg pc download

Top Emulators for pubg pc download:

A computer or program that mimics or emulates another computer or program is called an emulator. Emulators, for instance, enable the use of Windows on Mac computers and vice versa. I can tell you the only 2 best emulators

1) Gameloop

                    The top gaming platform brand in the world, GameloopTM offers a wide range of services to players, publishers, and developers. The Gameloop product matrix, which includes Gameloop PC, Gameloop App, and Gameloop Store, improves player experience by facilitating quicker access to the newest, best mobile games on PC and provides a variety of localized payment methods.

As it made its way into the international scene, GameLoop emerged as the top Android emulator for name recognition. 

               Learn more about GameLoop

                        Download gameloop

2) Bluestack
                    Blue stack is also the one of the best emulator for playing pubg pubg or pubg pc download. On PCs or Macs, it lets players play thousands of mobile games. Mobile games are available for download and local play. Alternatively, they can play instantly in high definition through their browser, without having to worry about their PC's specs or the time or space needed to download the game.

Designed with gamers in mind, BlueStacks App Player provides excellent performance and accurate keyboard, mouse, and gamepad inputs. In order to allow each player to play how they see fit, it also offers a plethora of adjustable choices. In order to give players incentives, prizes, and tokens for using the BlueStacks platform, the gaming wallet is also integrated into BlueStacks.

                           Learn more about Bluestack

                                               Download Bluestack

pubg pc download

Explanation of steps for downloading:

Here we discuss some of the explanation of the pubg pc download.
            Open your pc having the following requirements which is discussed in the upper section. The major requirements is the internal memory and the storage

          Then open the google chrome and the chrome opening is also the simple step.

          Search for any emulator like bluestack, gameloop and firlstly download its setup or install its application by clicking on the link discussed above

          Download the setup of emulator. It is also the simple step and takes a few minutes.

          Search Pubg on the emulator. After downloading the emulator this one takes a bid time depending on internet speed.

           Download pubg. It will take some time according to the internet speed or the connection.

Other Emulators for pubg pc download

You must use PUBG Mobile if you like to play PUBG on PC for free. Nevertheless, using PUBG Mobile on a PC can be challenging and may result in poor performance and sporadic frame drops.

Thus, these are the greatest emulators that can assist you in getting PUBG Mobile for PC for free, installing it, and playing it.

You can use any other emulator on the list to play PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds on your PC without the need for Bluestacks.

List of other emulators:
  • RetroArch
  • Yuzu
  • Dolphin
  • Galaksija Emulators
  • Android Studio
  • Bliss OS
  • MEmu
  • LDPlayer
  • Remix OS Player
  • Genymotion
          Make sure your computer has at least 2GB of RAM and that the emulator you are using supports Android 5.1.1 or later. You may use any of the aforementioned Android emulators to download, install, and play PUBG Mobile Lite on your PC—it's similar to PUBG.

pubg pc download

Why their too much hackers using emulators?

        The number of hackers has increased exponentially in both the current season (season 17 and the prior season (season 16). Without the assistance of a hacker, it is exceedingly difficult for the average user to access a lobby, particularly for those who utilize third-party emulators.

In order to lessen the number of hackers in the game, Gameloop runs the Anti Cheat engine. But even with Gameloop's anti-cheat technology, a lot of hackers still get in during season 17 because of those third-party emulators. As a result, just like mobile players, PUBG Mobile chose to keep Gameloop and the other third-party emulators apart from each other.

From that point on, matches between players will only be made using Gameloop. Players of third-party emulators will be paired with other players of the same emulators, increasing the proportion of hackers in the lobby.

If you want to learn more about hackers before downloading pubg pc download. Then click here.

pubg pc download


          In this way you can download pubg and  enjoying it by pubg pc download. So here we discuss all the good or bad aspects of using the emulators from the hackers to the list of emulators.

Please report any problems you have with PUBG installation in the space provided for comments below. Finally, please share any other effective PUBG installation methods you may have on our social media pages.


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The answer of all these question is present in our article and so if you have any problem or question then must ask us in the comments. Thank you.

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