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There is no need to introduce Instagram due to its huge popularity and billions of active users monthly. But the brief introduction of Instagram is that it is a popular social media app that allows its users to share videos, photos, and connect with friends.

The one major spectrum of Instagram popularity in Pakistani or other Asian areas is due to the role of digital marketing and e-commerce in Pakistan, as well as some extent of influencers approach.

Trend of Followers In Pakistan

The use of social media and internet penetration have increased significantly in Pakistan in recent years. Instagram is currently the largest social media network, with billions of users worldwide. and becoming well-known through a gain of Instagram followers and success with any form of skill. Furthermore, influencer culture is growing in Pakistan these days.
And due to those reasons, every user wants to get more followers on Instagram.

most followers on Instagram Pakistan

Growth of Instagram in Pakistan

The growth of Instagram in Pakistan mainly depends on some features; a few of them are given below.

  • Growth in Social Media Usage
  • Number of Influencers
  • Various Brand Engagements
  • Content Diversity
  • Local Trends 

Most followers on Instagram Pakistan

Ayeza Khan has the most followers on Instagram in Pakistan. Her estimated followers are 13.8 million, and she has a following of 368. The fame of Ayeza Khan is due to her consistent success in the dramas of Pakistan. Dramas like Chupke Chupke, Chaand Tara, Mery Pass Tum Ho, and many more.

most followers on Instagram Pakistan

List of most followers on Instagram

We can give you the number of followers from top to bottom in the form of a table, with the most followers at the top and the least followers at the bottom.

Account Followers Following Number of Posts Date joined
Ayeza Khan 13.8M 369 582 posts January 2016
Hania Aamir 13.0M 623 941 posts December 2015
Sara Khan 11.7M 27 1,996 posts April 2013
Imran Khan 9.5M 1 15,221 posts July 2014
Sana Javed 8.8M 283 738 posts April 2013
Feroze Khan 8.3M 124 701 posts September 2012
Hira Mani 8.1M 610 4,892 posts March 2015
Mawra 8.5M 113 1,260 posts July 2012
Maya Ali 8.0M 198 2,020 posts August 2017
Neelam Muneer Khan 7.5M 7 1,143 posts October 2014
Danish Taimoor 7.4M 37 752 posts August 2014
zamzam_electronicss 7.3M 4 13,482 posts July 2021
Zahrah S Khan (Ind) 7.1M 1,364 1,041 posts November 2017
Humayun Saeed 7.0M 489 1,172 posts May 2015
Zara Noor Abbas Siddiqui 6.6M 510 1,973 posts June 2016
URWA TUL WUSQUA HOCANE 6.3M 85 1,674 posts February 2013
Ayesha M Omar 6.1M 2,512 3,232 posts March 2015
Ali Zafar 5.9M 303 1,651 posts October 2011
Saba Qamar 5.9M 264 1,102 posts April 2016
Khaadi 5.5M 5 11,651 posts July 2013
Jannat Mirza 5.4M 112 1,482 posts June 2016
Mehwish Hayat 5.2M 640 1,063 posts October 2013
Kunwar Moeez Khan 5.1M 4 646 posts August 2014
Maria B 5.1M 5 15,918 posts February 2014
Kashee’s Beauty Parlour 5.1M 27 15,551 posts September 2014
Rabeeca Khan 5.4M 151 987 posts August 2018
Aliza shah 4.3M 0 49 posts May 2017


Instagram is a popular social media app in Pakistan, with billions of active users monthly. Its popularity is primarily driven by digital marketing, e-commerce, and influencers. The growth of Instagram in Pakistan is attributed to factors such as social media usage, number of influencers, various brand engagements, content diversity, and local trends. Ayeza Khan, known for her success in Pakistani dramas, has most followers on Instagram Pakistan at 13.8 million. The list of most followers in Pakistan is presented in a table format.


Who has the most followers on Instagram in Pakistan?

Ayeza Khan, known for her success in Pakistani dramas, has most followers on Instagram Pakistan at 13.8 million. 

Top 10 most followers on Instagram Pakistan?

  1. Ayeza Khan 👉 13.8M Followers
  2. Hania Aamir 👉 13M Followers
  3. Sara Khan 👉 11.7M Followers
  4. Imran Khan 👉 9.5M Followers
  5. Sana Javed 👉 8.8M Followers
  6. Feroze Khan 👉 8.3M Followers
  7. Hira Mani 👉 8.1M Followers
  8. Mawrellous  👉 8.5M Followers
  9. Maya Ali 👉 8.0M Followers
  10. Neelam Muneer Khan 👉 7.5M Followers

Pakistani Instagram influencers female ?

Pakistani Instagram influencers include Ayeza Khan , Sara Khan . Sana Javed , Hira Mani , Maya Ali , Neelam Muneer Khan , Zara Noor Abbas , Jannat Mirza , Mehwish Hayat.

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