Teach quran online and earn money | Complete Guide

You can also teach the holy Quran and earn money in Pakistan this type of earning money is also very beneficial for the women who are in their homes and want to earn online. 

90% Foreigners Students

In this case of teaching, 90 to 95% of the students are foreigners, like from Australia or Canada, and you can Teach quran online and earn money . Because in foreign countries, the physical teaching of the holy Quran is very costly, parents refer to learning the holy Quran for their child online.

How to earn money ?

The major problem in earning money by teaching the holy Quran is that we cannot know about the platform where we connect with the students, or thus students and teachers, and connect with each other to learn and teach the holy Quran, respectively. But here we discuss the platform, which is legitimate, and also give complete guidance on how to create a profile on it and how to contact the student and thus teach the holy Quran. The Website name is Qutor.com.

Teach quran online and earn money

Qutor Website

Qutor is the most trusted platform to learn the holy Quran. The major feature of the site is that there is a separate portion for qualified female Quran teachers. To teach the holy Quran on this website, you have to build a profile.

How to build a profile on Profile?

1) First, open the browser and search for qutor.com.

2) After opening their sites, you have to scroll down and click on the sign up as a tutor option. 

3) You have to give the data like name, email, gender, password, phone number, country, as well as the city, and then click on sign up. 

4) Then the activation link for your profile can be sent to your given email, and by opening this, you have to activate your account. 

5) When your profile has been created but you have to edit it by giving language, you have to upload your photo, upload your recitation, and also upload your video. You also have to give your skills and experience. 

6) After doing this, you have to give a test to the site, which you have to clear before publishing or launching your profile.

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