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Arabic keyboard 

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The Arabic language

Arabic is a language of the Semitic language own family (together with Hebrew, Maltese or Aramaic amongst others).
It is officially spoken in 20 nations and is the fifth most spoken language in the international. Although there are dozens of dialects, it's miles spoken specifically in two, Mashreek (eastern) and Maghreb (western).

  • Arabic is broadly taught in schools and universities round the arena and is used to varying ranges in places of work, governments and the media.

How to download Arabic keyboard?

Arabic keyboard

  • Download and install Arabic font by way of visiting our fonts page.
  • Download Arabic keyboard from this page with the aid of following steps beneath:
              1)Click on the keyboard photo you need to down load.
              2)Right click on at the photo.
              3)Click on “Save photograph
  • Open textual content editor along with word file and pick out the fonts you've got installed in advance.
  • Open the Arabic keyboard photo and use it as a connection with kind Arabic at the phrase document.

NOTE :If you don’t have huge or multiple display screen, we advocate printing the keyboard and use it as a reference for typing Arabic.

Why must you examine Arabic typing? 

Arabic keyboard

So are you a person planning to examine Arabic? Or are you half-way in gaining knowledge of Arabic? To make ourself familiar with their language, you need to put inside the required effort. You must be capable of examine, write, pay attention, and recognize the language to master it. Hence you want to employ multiple tricks to analyze a Arabic keyboard. It may additionally encompass looking Arabic films for mastering to type in Arabic. 

In this youngest age, learning to use Arabic keyboard to yourlaptop or telephone allows you fasten your gaining knowledge of other method. It helps you analyze Arabic online from tutors. Moreover, you can easily find a language gaining knowledge of partner from an Arab-speaking u . S .. To analyze a language, you should involve in it in more than one ways. By regarding in digital chats with Arab speaking human beings, you can get more acquainted with the language.

How to alternate to Arabic keyboard?

There are unique approaches via that you use Arabic alphabet to your laptop. A few commonplace methods are mentioned underneath. You can select the right approach that fits your language-studying fashion.

Buy an Arabic keyboard 

You can buy a exclusive keyboard that lets you type in Arabic and Latin characters. This Arabic keyboard may have Arabic letters printed on the keys. For a novice learner, this could be a higher alternative. It allows you become extra acquainted with the letters while you could type without difficulty. 

Another option is shop for software of Windows gadgets that permit you to put in writing in Arabic. You can download virtual keyboards from a reliable websites and begin typing on it. You even not need to reconfigure your gadget to allow virtual Arabic keyboard. 

Use a translator

For folks that want to communicate simply in Arabic without typing, you can use this short reduce technique. You can use English-Arabic translator. All you want is to replicate-paste the result in the proper space. You can use a web translator like Google Translate for the cause. 

However, if you are attempting to learn how to type in Arabic, this can no longer be an awesome option. It takes plenty of effort to copy and paste. It is altogether a complicated system. But if you want to type a unmarried phrase or brief Arabic expression, this is an clean way to do it. It works when you need to translate one or  phrases without typing in Arabic.

Change your system settings 

An clean way is to alternate the machine language on your laptop. You can write in Arabic keyboard  the use of the equal manner you use any other language. You don’t need to exchange the keyboard. It can have the equal format. The general keyboard format may be the same as properly. 
When you do that technique, please take into account that the entire device language settings will flip to Arabic. If you are not acquainted with the language, you could discover it difficult to apply your gadget.

How to use Arabic keyboard?

To help you with your study, our public computers have dual alphabet keyboards (Arabic and English QWERTY). Using the Arabic keyboard:

  • Press the Start button.
  • Select Control Panel.
  • Select Language and Region.
  • Select the tab labeled "Keyboards and Languages."
  • Select a Different Keyboard.
  • Click Add next to the "Installed Services" field.
  • Select Arabic (Egypt) by clicking the plus sign.
  • Next to Keyboard, click the plus sign.
  • Click in the Arabic (101) box.
  • Continue pressing OK to close the setup window.
The toolbar at the bottom of the screen will now have an EN to the right of it. To switch between EN (English) and AR (Arabic), click it. 


This article discusses the Arabic keyboard, a Semitic language spoken in 20 countries and the fifth most spoken globally. To download an Arabic keyboard, visit a fonts page and download the desired font. To learn Arabic typing, use multiple tricks, such as reading Arabic films, online tutoring, and engaging in digital chats with Arab-speaking individuals.

There are various ways to use the Arabic alphabet on a laptop, including buying an Arabic keyboard, using a translator, or changing system settings. A keyboard that allows typing in Arabic and Latin characters can be a better option for beginners. Windows devices can also be used to write in Arabic, with virtual keyboards available from reliable websites.

Another option is to use a web translator like Google Translate for translating Arabic phrases without typing. However, this method is complex and may not be suitable for those trying to learn the language.


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