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 How to use Canva?

In this article we can tell you about How to use Canva. And also some search across the web the use of Canva on making pics for blogger which is copyright freeFirstly before starting the article we can tell you that the data in this article is collected from the research of the web and from our little experience. Without wasting time let start......

Canva Introduction

Canva is the most popular app and also the most popular website to design the graphics. And also it is the major graphic designing tool even if you are recording videos for any social media platform like YouTube you need high attention pic like thumbnail. Canva a major best app or application for the designing of the thumbnail and other millions of the photos. So, if we give a brief introduction of Canva is that it is the application to make your own pictures according to your own designs and any time save with free of cost.

In this article we can tell you about ultimate guide of the Canva usage and about how to use Canva and more over it some special features and also some of the Canva design tips. And also how to create a SEO friendly or copyright free images on the Canva for usage in the blog posts.

How to use Canva

Make Blogger Pics

As we know, blogging is a major increasing platform to earn money, so in the block post we use the copyright-free images. If we can't do this, we cannot get the Google AdSense approval, so we can't earn money. So if we want to earn money in the Google AdSense for the blogging, we must use the copyright-free images designed from the canvas easily. In this below, we can give you the conversion tutorial on how to make the image for the blogging in the canvas and which is totally free of cost.


Here we give some brief steps on how to make canvas pictures and also some screenshots. This makes the steps easily understandable and thus helps you with easy picture designing.

1) Open the Canva Application

You can open the Canva application in your mobile or computer by searching the canva.com on the Google or chrome and by opening the first website you can open the Canva application.

How to use Canva

2) Click the Create new design

The next step is to create a new design button, which is present on the top right corner.

How to use Canva

3) Click on the Custom Size.

Click on the custom size by giving a width of 1200 pixels and a height of 630 pixels, and then click on Create a New Design. A new page will appear on your own screen.

How to use Canva

4) A new web page appears

After clicking on creating a new size, you will appear on a new web page with an empty page. Start making the picture you want to design.

How to use Canva

5) Create a picture

Now create a picture that you want to design. We can design a picture of how to increase YouTube subscribers for your Canvas tutorial.

Use of template:

Through the template, you can search for the template for which specific design you want to create. For example, if we want to increase the YouTube subscriber count, we can search in the template for the term YouTube or the YouTube subscribers, so we can get the relative template for this type of design. Select this design and drag it into your picture frame.

How to use Canva

Editing of template and use of elements:

Editing of the template and use of the elements includes editing of the template in such a manner that we have to remove the template products like stars or hearts and use your own templates on elements like circles, stars according to our requirements and according to our design, so this is also important in editing of the picture.

How to use Canva

Use of heading and subheading

You can also use your headings and subheadings and add a little bit of the body text in your pictures, add your brand fonts, and also add a text box, so this will also help you to make your own design picture and your own writing, like me, for instance, to increase YouTube subscribers, etc., and add the product brand name in the top corner or the top bottom corner and add a little bit of the body text.

How to use Canva

6) Download the Picture

You can easily download the picture by clicking on the share button, which is present on the top right corner, and by scrolling down, you can click on the download button. In the PNG format, select the download button, and it will automatically download to your laptop or mobile phone.

How to use Canva

Errors in Downloading pictures

It is very unfortunate that there were errors in downloading the pictures for some users. Errors are usually caused by using the template products and the prototype, and we have not paid for them. If you are using the free canvas and you can use the paid contents, but you do not use them and do not download them, there is always an error, so please do not use the pro type contents of the canvas and try the free contents of the canvas to download the picture.


The conclusion is that we can give all the conversion tutorials and how to make a picture and how to use Canva in the blog post for making the copyright-free images. The conclusion is also that there is a vast library of templates and some powerful features of the Canvas that have revolutionized the way people approach the several designing of the pics. By following the tips and techniques in the guides we have given in the article, you will easily make your own picture with your design and have the great creativity and produce stunning visuals with the help of the Canvas. It is also very easy to use. You can also explore and let your imagination into the sour. If you have any queries, then ask us in the comment, and we can give you a better response. Thank you for reading.


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The answer of all these question lies in our article that we discussed above. The detail of each question is present in this post.

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