Who is Pakistan no 1 youtuber | List of Pakistan best Youtubers

Who is Pakistan no 1 youtuber | List of Pakistan

 best Youtubers

In this page, we can cover the Pakistan no 1 youtuber and also a List of Pakistan best Youtubers. We can simply give you list of top and best Pakistani Youtubers in Pakistan, so without wasting time, let's start the page article.


                             Pakistan no 1 youtuber

    A simple introduction to YouTube is that it is the major video sharing platform and has the most users. YouTube allows and gives a platform to users to upload, share, and view videos across major contents and topics, from music to comedy and education to funny. YouTube has a broad variety of content, so it is a major content-giving platform.

    The popularity of YouTube can be estimated by the survey, which shows that there are approximately more than two billion monthly users of YouTube, and millions of influencers are adding on a monthly basis.

    The policy of YouTube for sensational content is very strict, and despite these challenges, YouTube is a digital landscape to meet the changing needs of its users.

    Who is Pakistan no 1 youtuber?

    The answer of this question lies in different aspects. To know about Pakistan no 1 youtuber, there are different metrics, such as the views of the videos, the influence on YouTube, or the subscriber count.

    But at this time, one of the most prominent and recognized Pakistani YouTubers is Irfan Junejo, who is famous for his storytelling and also his travel adventures.

    The major characteristics of the content of the Irfan Junejo were that it engaged its content with the personalities and also had story-telling skills. That's why it has a large fan base, making him a widely recognized and prominent Pakistani YouTuber.

     List of Pakistan best Youtubers

    Here we give you the List of 10 best Pakistani Youtubers. This list cannot be organized on the basis of any single aspect, like video views, but has been decided on the basis of a number of aspects.

    Pakistan no 1 youtuber

    Irfan Junejo

    It is Known for his vlogs, travelogues, and  liar, Irfan Junejo is one of the most prominent YouTubers in Pakistan. His  vids  frequently showcase his adventures,  gests , and  perceptivity into  colorful aspects of life. 

    Mooroo ( Taimoor Salahuddin)

    Taimoor Salahuddin, also known online as Mooroo, is a Pakistani-American YouTuber, writer, internet celebrity, filmmaker, actor, and singer. Mostly recognized for his humorous YouTube videos and sketches, he is considered as one of the first vloggers in Pakistan.

    Sham Idrees 

    Sham Idrees is a Canadian- Pakistani YouTuber known for his  uproarious derisions, vlogs, and music. His  vids  frequently feature his  woman Froggy, and their  uproarious  relations, along with  perceptivity into their  diurnal lives.  

    Zaid Ali TV

    Zaid Ali is a  funnyman and vlogger whose vids concentrate on relatable  scripts and humorous  compliances about Pakistani culture, family dynamics, and everyday life. He has gained a significant following for his  uproarious timing and engaging content. 

    Ducky Bhai( Saad Ur Rehman)

    The popular Ducky Bhai YouTube channel has made Pakistani celebrity Ducky Bhai well-known. He has gained a following on social media thanks to his joke calls, parodies, and criticism. Without a question, Ducky Bhai is the most controversial YouTuber in Pakistan. He is the first and most well-known roaster in Pakistan.

     Moorupium( Ali Gul Pir)

    Ali Gul Pir is a rapper,  funnyman, and social judge whose YouTube channel offers a  mix of music  vids, comedy sketches, and  sarcastic commentary on social issues in Pakistan.  

     Khujlee Family

     Khujlee Family comprises three  musketeers — Shahveer Jafry, Amanullah Khan, and Sunny Khan — known for their  uproarious sketches, vlogs, and challenges. Their channel features a  blend of light- hearted humor and relatable content.   

    Taimoor Salahuddin( Taimoor Mirza)

    Taimoor Salahuddin, also known as Taimoor Mirza, is a  funnyman and actor whose YouTube channel features  uproarious sketches, parodies, and social  trials. He  frequently addresses societal issues with humor and lampoon. 

    P 4 Pakao (Nadir Ali)

    If you want to see people play practical jokes on each other and celebrities, Nadir Ali is a man who has become very popular in both Pakistan and India. Since its launch in 2016, the channel has acquired about 3.45 million members and is still expanding internationally. The channel features a number of practical jokes, including road, door, and international pranks, as well as practical jokes involving some Pakistani celebrities.

    Qasim Ali Shah

    Qasim Ali Shah is a name you shouldn't ignore when looking through YouTube videos if you enjoy learning from the insights and advice of motivational speakers. He is one of Pakistan's leading businesspeople and a well-known educationist. He is the creator of the Qasim Ali Shah Foundation, which works hard to alter the perceptions of young Pakistani talent, in addition to publishing twelve important publications.

    Emergence of Pakistani YouTubers

    Pakistan no 1 youtuber

    The emergence of Pakistani YouTubers represents a major shift in the country's digital landscape, and by providing a major platform, YouTube has become popular in Pakistan since 2005.

    The major factor behind the rise of Pakistani YouTube is the increasing technology and internet in a certain area, and with the increasing usage of smartphones, millions of Pakistanis are using YouTube.

    And other major driving force for the use of YouTube in Pakistan is the earning from YouTube, and by uploading the videos, users can earn money from YouTube, which is a major driving force in developing countries.

    Along with earning money, the youtubers can also be beneficial in the countries growth in technology, earning a dollar, and gaining money. Pakistan also has youtubers who play a role in the economy.

    Diversity in Content Creation

    One of the most important things about YouTube's content is its diversity. Many people, like disabled persons, minorities, and people of different colors, can share their perspectives and social lives on YouTube.

    Diversity on YouTube

    Diversity on YouTube also means various niches and various sub-divisions of the content rather than similar content in the main stream media. With the rise of content creators in Pakistan, there is a lot of diversity in the videos of the content. More recently, YouTube has become a major platform for the creators or influencers to give social and political issues conservation, funny comedy, music, pranks, movies, and other various contents. This is also the beauty of YouTube.


    Pakistan no 1 youtuber is Irfan Junejo, who is famous for his storytelling and also his travel adventures.

    The country's top YouTubers include Irfan Junejo, Mooroo, Sham Idrees, Zaid Ali TV, Ducky Bhai, Moorupium, Khujlee Family, Taimoor Salahuddin, Nadir Ali, and Qasim Ali Shah.

    The emergence of Pakistani YouTubers represents a major shift in the country's digital landscape, and YouTube has become popular in Pakistan since 2005. Diversity in content creation is an important aspect of YouTube, as it allows people of different backgrounds and backgrounds to share their perspectives and social lives.


    Who is Pakistan no 1 youtuber?

    Pakistan no 1 youtuber is Irfan Junejo, who is famous for his storytelling and also his travel adventures.

    Who is Pakistan no 1 youtuber male?

    Pakistan 1 youtuber male is Irfan Junejo, who is famous for his storytelling and also his travel adventures.

    Who is Pakistan no 1 youtuber female?

    Amna Riaz which is well known and famous for its food vlogs.

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